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Alliance Française de Mombasa

Improve your Mombasa experience. Tujifunze Kiswahili hapa Nyali.

Learning how to speak a language that you might not be familiar with, like Kiswahili, can be a daunting task, especially for complete beginners to language learning. Contrary to what you might think, Swahili is actually much easier to learn than a lot of other languages out there, even ones you might think are easier. Not only is Swahili a relatively easy language to learn, there are so many advantages to learning how to speak it fluently.



Take advantage of our interactive learning tools, like our Swahili videos!


Kiswahili – Beginner A1

30 hours —  1 or 2 X 2 hours per week

We offer:

  • real-time experiences with native speakers
  • Extra online support via Whatsapp
  • Experienced teachers
  • One-to-one classes available on demand (Ksh 2500 / hour)


Program summed up

At the end of Kiswahili – Beginner A1 , you will be able to :

– introduce yourself and others (nationality, age, family…)

– talk about your daily routine

– manage simple purchasing situations

– ask for directions and find your way around a place…

2-4 months - 30 hours

Ksh 22000

AF Nyali or online

AFM attendance certificate