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The student can understand the essential elements of very simple written professional documents in order to carry out professional tasks. He/she can understand the essential aspects of a short, predictable message – face to face or over the telephone – in order to carry out very simple professional tasks. He/she can write very short, standardised messages relating to common social and professional activities. Using simple language, he/she can establish social contact, describe his/her experience and activities, exchange factual information, express an opinion or a preference, ask questions, etc., in a limited number of practical situations on common and familiar subjects.

French Language is the 3rd most used language in the world for business operations notably in the fields of tourism, sciences, international relations. With more than 100 french companies located in Kenya and a large number of Kenyan firms collaborating with french-speaking countries from Western Africa, having a french speaking staff definitely constitutes a decisive asset.


Program summed up

The French alphabet; French sounds, vowels, consonants; Greeting someone; Introducing oneself; Asking and answering personal questions, age, nationality, residence; Giving and understanding information about friends and family; Welcoming someone, singular form; Masculine and feminine nouns; Counting from 1 to 50; Use of “tu”/”vous”; The negative form; use of definite and indefinite articles; nouns and their gender; singular and plural nouns; constructing simple sentences orally.

very suitable for “Business Administration” & “Tourism & Hospitality” curriculum

Informations pratiques

school programme-based

Cycle Duration



group upto 30 students


Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française


Tailor-made Timetable
minimum quorum of 7
group upto 30 students

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