Alliance Française de Mombasa


For upper Intermediate Level. 4 levels to complete the third learning stage: B1.1 to B1.4

After B1.4, students can sit the DELF B1 exam. Revision programs & mock exams before the actual exam.
DELF B1 is the minimum level of proficiency required to be eligible for French citizenship.

Program summed up

General French courses to structure and further your study of the French language

  • Describe past events and report speech in the past;
  • Use the subjunctive to express goals or achievements, regrets and protests
  • Discover complex sentence structures such as “si + conditionnel passé”
  • Talk about physical appearance, describe people and behaviour
  • Learn how to give advice, orders, make suggestions or reproaches using the subjunctive;
  • Discuss environmental issues and take part in debates;

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Informations pratiques

monthly intake throughout the year

Cycle Duration

5 days a week, Morning or Evening Class


KES 32,450
inclusive of Books and Registration Fee


Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française


Monday to Friday
Morning: 9.15-10.45 or 11-12.30
Evening: 5.30-7.00 or 6.30-8.00
Course book: 1-level validity
Reg. Fee: 1-year validity
quorum of 7 required to start

KES 32,450
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