Alliance Française de Mombasa
Every year, the Night of Ideas celebrates the flow of ideas between countries and cultures, disciplines and generations.
this year theme “close”,invites us in Mombasa to question the new “contactless society”, according to François Saltiel’s book concept analysing that our whole existence can now be lived behind a screen. The work is done. at a distance, love is filtered through algorithms, and our intimacy is disguised on social networks. Under the influence of a permanent connection, we paradoxically move away from each other. How to continue to make a society without contact, held at a safe distance through the systematic mediation of new technologies, turning to be both th cure and the poison?


– HR manager in charge of remote working implementation
– pedopsychologist sepcialised in kids developpement in regards of social distance and facemask wearing
– Artist/youtuber from the creative industry giving his/her feedback on social relationship to its followers/audience
– a county ITC representative, to discuss evolution of online transaction and e-commerce since the covid
> moderator/host: Prof. Susan BOSIRE from TUM, to consider the ethics point of view of this matter
the event could be coupled with some exhibition of “GADO” caricatures, and following a film/ documentary screening

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